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When companies are affected by crises, it is both essential and vital, that their crisis managers are available at all times. When their crisis managers are readily available, companies can respond to, manage and solve crises in the shortest possible time.

Since 2006, the BLL's crisis-manager database, a resource previously available only to BLL members, has been available to all food-sector companies. The BLL opened the database in response to the urgent requests expressed by many trade and industrial companies for a sector-wide crisis-management information solution. This online database represents the first central, sector-wide and broadly available network that quickly and efficiently provides crisis-management information to all affected parties in crises.

As of May 2008, the database also includes contact data for the supreme monitoring authorities of the Federal States (Bundesländer). Depending on the structure of the Federal States, the database will contain the contact data of 2-4 people in charge of food control of the supreme monitoring authorities, including the telephone numbers of crisis-centres and situation rooms for calls outside of regular working hours. The decision on the participation of the Federal State of Berlin is still pending.

Contents of the database

The database contains the contact data of crisis managers responsible in companies/authorities and their representatives. In addition, the database provides information about individual operational sites / branch locations or authorities / departments, respectively, including postal codes, Federal state (Bundesland), type of business and product categories.

Via a simple search function, operational sites and departments can be quickly selected, search results lists with contact data of crisis managers can be printed out and email messages can be sent directly to crisis managers.

Data management

The companies, laboratories and associations represented in the database are responsible for entering and managing the data of their own crisis managers and representatives. Each company names to the BLL the person it has appointed to be responsible for such data management.
Entry and management of data of authorities is carried out by a BVL representative.

Access authorisation

Generally, access to the crisis-manager database is possible for all companies of the food sector and adjacent sectors. At the same time, access to the database is restricted as necessary in order to comply with data protection regulations. For this reason, and for matching the intent behind the database, such data is stored solely for the purpose of making necessary contacts in crisis situations. Database data are not provided to third.

More information about the BLL Crisis Manager database regarding benefits, structure, privacy, eligibility, and registration can be found here:
Flyer BLL Crisis Manager database
Registration form for the BLL Crisis Manager database

There is a one-time registration fee of 300 euros (+ VAT).
Access to the database is free of charge for BLL members.
Interested companies may register using the registration form for the BLL crisis-manager database.


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